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Stripper poles are vertical poles that are typically made of metal or brass and are used in pole dancing and strip tease performances. They are often found in strip clubs, but can also be used for fitness and dance purposes at home or in studios.

Stripper poles are typically installed in a stationary manner, and can range in height and diameter. Some may be permanently attached to a ceiling or floor, while others may be removable or portable. They are often used for performing various acrobatic and gymnastic moves that involve spinning, climbing, and hanging upside down.

There are different types of poles, including static poles that do not spin and require more strength and technique, and spinning poles that rotate on bearings and require more momentum and control. Some poles also have adjustable features, such as changing the height or mode of spinning, to accommodate different skill levels and preferences.

It's worth noting that pole dancing and strip tease can be a form of art and self-expression, and is not limited to sexual entertainment. Pole dancing and fitness has become a popular workout option, and competitions and events are held worldwide to showcase the skills and creativity of pole dancers.

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